Executive Secretary for Access Agriculture

By jocountrywise

The international NGO Access Agriculture seeks to recruit an Executive Secretary to lead
and inspire a ground-breaking and dynamic team with a common goal of working to improve
the performance of agricultural advisory service providers in order to enhance their impact on

information about video files ….

  • The video files available for download are in MP4 format, but they are not high quality files intended for use on TV channels
  • If you would like to use any of the programs on your television channel, please contact our media office at media@accessagriculture.org – we will establish contact with your television channel and then give you access to high resolution files
  • Please note that the videos must be broadcast in their entirety and must not be edited

Ideas about using video files ….

  • Diffuse programs at appropriate times of the year to remind your audience of good agricultural practices
  • Invite farmers or extension staff, the ministry or a local NGO and use a program as a starting point for discussion
  • Why not organize a telephone forum on one of the issues raised in one of the programs–
  • Use the videos as part of a magazine on agriculture, food and rural development

Show that you are a member of your community …

  • Why not offer your viewers additional services such as distributing DVD videos in accordance with Access Agriculture
  • Remind viewers that more videos are available on the Access Agriculture website
  • Organize an event for viewers, eg, an agricultural fair, to get direct feedback from your viewers
  • You can also post your own farm content on Agtube – and copy the URLs if your videos are already posted on Youtube or Vimeo
  • Show us your spirit of innovation and get your message on the Access Agriculture website!
  • Be visible! Be different!

Other languages….

  • If you think there is a request for translation of some of the existing video programs into local languages in your area, please email us at info@accessagriculture.com
  • Do you have experience in translating and recording programs in different languages? If this is the case, please contact us and let us know your skills