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Marketing Development Specialist Training Phase 3

MDS Training held at Baguio City MDS Training 3


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Organic Vegetable Production


FFF held its 2014 National Planning & Assessment Conference

The Federation of Free Farmers held its National Planning & Assessment Conference last April 1-3, 2014 at Fernandina Suites in Cubao, Quezon City. #

The Federations of Free Farmers (FFF) is currently one of the largest and most effective non-governmental organizations of rural workers in the Philippines. It was organized in 1953 by a group of Catholic laymen soon after the break-up of the Communist-led revolutionary movement in the country during the term of President Ramon Magsaysay.


Initially, the FFF experienced negligible success due to popular apprehensions resulting from the recent Communist-led turmoil. However, by the mid- 1960s, the FFF increased its membership and expanded its activities, and except for a brief term following the declaration of martial law during which the Federation underwent drastic reorganization, the growth of the FFF has been sustained.

Today, it has branches and footholds in some 50 provinces. Memberships, consisting of agricultural tenants, owner-cultivators, agricultural laborers, fishermen and settlers, total around 200,000.